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creators are the new wave of marketing and advertising

if you've ever watched a product review, or followed a particular person for their taste - you already know the power of creators


you may be thinking - why would i hire a creator to help sell my business?

that's a great question with a simple answer

because it works.

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trusted reviewers

we all know that the best advertising in the world is no match for a rave review from your friend - we all have those people in our lives whose opinion we have learned to trust because they are honest, thoughtful, and have never led you astray.


those people are creators. they are the modern day testimonial and review - they can influence actions and drive business behaviors on a large scale that brings you the actual results you care about.

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a two-way dialogue

imagine for a moment all of those times people leave a comment or review about your business where it seems like they just don’t get it. they don’t understand the time it takes to do something well or how long it took to gain the skills necessary to master your profession.


now imagine if you had someone on your side who could address those concerns. who could say, “this may be expensive but look at the quality, look at what you’re getting!”


hiring a creator opens a dialogue between you and your consumers - it’s the modern version of the print ad, but so much more powerful.

one of our restaurant clients wanted to show off their brunch menu and make a splash in the process. this is where the cohort comes in. after hosting 15 influencers for a launch of their new brunch menu, this is what they saw:

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it's cost-effective and measurable

  • the single biggest period of growth on their social platforms to date.

  • with one creator event that cost less than $1000, they captured content from 15+ creators, each of whom, could charge more than $500/post.

  • a 1200% growth in website interactions

  • and more importantly, more people came in to check out their brunch and made their new menu launch, a success.

the cohort is powered by sweb marketing

a full-service digital marketing agency that wants to tell your story.

using the sweb method, our team will work with you to boost your business and get the results you actually care about. whether you are hoping for an increased social footprint, brand awareness or sales and leads, we can help.

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