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creating is about more than building an audience

it's about making a connection

and the cohort is the place to do it. it’s where like-minded individuals can share all they’ve learned and build a community of collaborators.

why join the cohort


being a creator can be a lonely profession. you get to forge your own path, on your own timeline and set your own standards. but that also means that there is no one to turn to for advice - no one who can answer a question about a platform change or whether a rate seems fair. 
imagine if you had someone who could answer those questions. someone you could trust, not only another agency partner.


as part of the cohort, you’ll have access to exclusive member events in pittsburgh (more cities coming soon!) hosted by locally-owned businesses who would love to meet you.


you’ll also get to see the city in a way you’ve never seen with access to exclusive events in some of your favorite places.


cohort members will be in community with members of the founding council. these are creators who have been in the game for a while. they have mastered their platforms and have a lot of knowledge to share. all you have to do is introduce yourself.


ultimately, the goal of the cohort is to develop you as a creator - help you refine your skills, build your audience and provide you with brand connections that will help further your success.

if creating is about connecting, then here is your chance.


connect with each other today.

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