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building a brand as a creator

join three incredible panelists as we discuss the art of personal branding and how to take ownership of the community you are creating.

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october 5, 2023 | 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
the warhol academy | pittsburgh, pa 15212

about the panel

building a brand is an essential component to finding success as a creator. when it's right, your brand gives you an instant and recognizable platform to build on as you grow and monetize your community. whether you're just starting, finding your niche, or pivoting into a new market, a brand is vital to your success.

meet our panelists

brea schmidt - the thinking branch

listen and learn from a renowned industry expert who successfully navigates the digital landscape every day in their work. our keynote speaker will chat about insights, strategies, and personal experiences to help motivate and empower you to take your influence to the next level. expect a conversation that you will not want to miss.

our sponsors

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the warhol academy

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