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thank you for joining us at the platform

we loved meeting you all.

check out our full gallery of images and recordings of the panel below. make sure you're on our email list to stay up-to-date with information about the creator economy.

see you in 2025.

the platform 2024

the panels

keynote fireside chat
Duolingo's Global Influencer Marketing Manager, Hitakshi Shah breaks down the secret of Duolingo's success by tapping into their own community.
Hitakshi Shah, Duolingo
Sarah Weber, the cohort co-founder
creator panel
Brooke Hyland moderates a creator panel with creators who have made a name for themselves in the space by defining their unique brand.
Brooke Hyland, @brookehyland
Chloe Brown, @chloe_xandria
Barbie Brignoni, @barbiebrignoni
Kati Nairn, @beyond_gray
brand panel
Cooper Munroe, CEO of The Motherhood spoke with industry experts who are on the cutting edge of defining the possibilities of the influencer space.
Cooper Munroe, The Motherhood
Meredith Goode, DICK'S Sporting Goods
Lexie Christie, Chobani
Saheedat Abdul, Influencer Consultant

the recap

in its inaugural year, the platform welcomed more than 100 different creators and brands from all over the country to learn from one another, connect and talk about the changes facing the creator industry.

in a keynote presentation, Duolingo's Global Influencer Marketing Manager Hitakshi Shah shared how through careful community management and engagement, they are able to drive millions of meaningful results.


next, Brooke Hyland (@brookehyland) moderated a creator panel with Chloe Brown (@chloe_xandria), Barbie Brignoni (@barbiebrignoni) and Kati Nairn (@beyond_gray). they shared their perspectives on frustrations with brands, what they wish businesses knew about creators, and how they define success.


the last presentation was a brand panel, moderated by Cooper Munroe, CEO of The Motherhood. she spoke with Meredith Goode of DICK'S Sporting Goods, Lexie Christie of Chobani, and Influencer Consultant Saheedat Abdul. they pulled back the curtain on their side to share the challenges they face working with creators and how creators can position themselves for success with businesses.

to read more takeaways and see a play-by-play, click to read our full recap.

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