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our mission:

to build a community of creators

and connect the people who make our city what it is - an incredible place to live. we're doing this two ways: in-person connection and a private, online forum.


in our work at sweb marketing, we realized early on that creators are the foundation of a new way of living and working. they do more than help us dress for an interview or find the right shade of foundation - creators build a community of individuals who trust them. to find causes to support and businesses to champion. ultimately, connecting people.


to start, this is about pittsburgh. a small, but mighty and magical place. a place of french fries on sandwiches, lawn chairs in the street, black and gold, heinz ketchup, mr. rogers, andy warhol, roberto clemente, kennywood, and more bridges than we can count. within the last decade it has welcomed some of the nation’s largest technology companies like duolingo, meta, and google as it continues to thrive.

stay tuned for more cities to come ...


pittsburgh is our home. we love it and we want to see it and you succeed.


we practice what we preach. over on @thepittsburghweb, you’ll find a place where we use our marketing powers for good - where local businesses can find an audience who is excited about what they have to share and we can make a difference for the entire community.


so, what are you waiting for?


become a part of this community.

let's get started

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