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insights from
the platform.

the first conference of its kind, designed exclusively for influencers and content creators.

march 15, 2024 | pittsburgh, pa

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the creator economy is the wild, wild west. you know it and so do we. but what if creators and brands got together in one room and compared notes?

that was the platform.

and we're sharing a look into just some of the insights from our panelists.

  • there is undeniable power in faceless accounts. test and experiment there. they entertain and pull crazy engagement.

  • are you marketing the product or the brand? there is power to unhinged, ownable personality in driving connection. in the case of duolingo, there is personifying a mascot 'duo' and even creating plushies to scale his reach.

  • influencers can help hit a new community that your brand isn't reaching with its owned content. think about beauty, anime and more. there are so many categories of creators that may not come across your channel, but can absolutely play an impactful role in reach and conversion.

  • creators need to pitch the brand in a big way with a big idea. influencer managers are receiving at least a dozen inquiries a day and the creator economy is so saturated.

  • partnership looks like you care to understand the brand and what they’re trying to do. influencer managers look at the receipts. if you're organically interested or involved to make a decision about whether or not someone is a good fit.

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keynote fireside chat

hitakshi shah, global influencer manager


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the creator panel

  • don't lead with a scarcity mindset. you can turn down 50% of your brand deals and still make more money. there is enough opportunity for everyone, especially opportunity that feels authentic.

  • rates are all over the place, and there is still a lot of work to do as creators educate brands on how much time a single asset can take. it doesn't just start when a creator picks up their phone. there is concepting, filming, editing and more.

  • creators care about campaign performance and getting feedback from the brand on what worked well, even if they can't always share direct results such as sales numbers. 

  • depending on niche and category, the best monetization platform really varies across creators. we heard IG, Amazon and LTK from our three panelists.

barbie brignoni
chloe brown
kati nairn

moderated by brooke hyland

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the brand panel

  • for the brands that work with outside agencies for influencer management, there needs to be effective communication on how the agency is representing the brand, on how that creator relationship is going, and more. otherwise it really becomes transactional and not effective.

  • everyone is overworked and stretched too thin. brands have the wrong idea about how long a creator takes to film and create and creators don't understand the layers and layers of approvals that need to happen on a brand side.

  • a lot of the decisions are made by legal teams. their tolerance for risk is almost always the reason something does not get approved. 

  • third party brands in your video are always a big no-no. if we're chobani and we're pushing our oat creamer, don't make your coffee with starbucks on a keurig.

  • brands rarely have always-on budgets. sometimes a creator may want to push chobani yogurt, but the brand is only pushing with budget at the time for oat creamer. there are often spending priorities that creators are not aware of.

meredith goode, Dick's Sporting Goods
lexi christie, Chobani
saheedat abdul, consultant

moderated by cooper munroe

and that wasn't all. 

the 100+ people in attendance then connected during a brand mixer.

we're talking big brands, local businesses and creators all in one room discovering potential partnerships during our happy hour mixer. such a good opportunity to make valuable connections and discuss more about the challenges of the creator economy.


we can't wait to do it all again next year. but until then, the cohort announced a slack community to keep the connection going all year long. expect platform updates, brand partner highlights, castings and more as this channel evolves. 

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